About Us


Zhejiang Jinkailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2013, which is committed to high power lithium-ion battery technology research and development, battery production, battery assembling, power system integration and product sales as the high-tech enterprises. Our company has leading production & testing equipment, and advanced technical team. We established the R&D center of power battery and engineering technology together with the Zhejiang University of Technology, and joint developing research work in the battery design technology, battery assembling technology, and battery management systems, etc. Our company adhering to "the promotion of green & energy-saving emission reduction, the development of low-carbon recycling economy" responsibility philosophy, and committed to creating the lithium-ion battery industry’s iconic brand through continuous innovation in technology and strict control in the production process.

JKLR38120 3.2V10Ah is a type of high discharge rate cylindrical LiFePO4 battery, which was researched and developed based on A123 battery design under the joint effort of our company and Zhejiang University. JKLR38120 battery is most suitable for making one of start and start-stop of LiFePO4 products in the present market based on its superior performance. Our products are mainly used in motorcycles, small cars, auto-trucks, buses, various engineering vehicles, and all areas in need of battery to start the engine (including power generation motor, marine engine), etc.

Our LiFePO4 car start battery has many advantages such as safety, friendly environment, energy conservation and emissions reduction, long cycle life time, low self-discharge, high voltage platform, etc. With the development of global new energy industry, LiFePO4 car start battery as High-tech emission reduction, environmental protection, new energy product will be gradually accepted and recognized by people around the world.

We attach great importance to new products development and new technology innovation. About our products core technology, we have applied for 52 items national patents, of which 18 items invention patents, 34 items practical patents. Our company was successively identified as “Zhejiang province science and technology small and medium enterprises”, “Shaoxing city High-tech enterprises”, “Xinchang County patent demonstration enterprise”. We have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in 2013, and also passed TS16949 quality management system certification in 2016.